Brighton named among the most stressed-out cities in the UK

THE MOST stressed-out cities in the UK have been revealed.

According to a study analysing levels of happiness, life satisfaction, anxiety and worthwhile, Brighton ranked third among the cities with the most stress.

Lincoln was named the most stressed city with a score of 201, which takes into account all four factors.

Bristol ranked second with a score of 208, with one of the lowest levels of happiness.

The third most stressed city in the UK is Brighton, with a score of 202.

The high overall score comes as a result of it ranking the most anxious city in the UK, according to the ONS data.

It is also has the fourth lowest level of “worthwhile” in the UK.

Nottingham is the fourth most stressed city, followed by Belfast, Cardiff, Norwich, Glasgow, Coventry and Exeter.

Chichester was named the most chilled out city in the UK thanks to its top ranking for life satisfaction and happiness, as well as second highest ranking when it comes to feeling worthwhile.

Newry in Northern Ireland ranked as the second most chilled out city in the UK, followed by Lisburn, Preston and Carlisle.

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