Homeless lovebirds sleeping on Brighton beach want to live together

HOMELESS lovebirds claim they are being left to sleep on the beach as the council will not house them together.

Nicola Marie, 46, and Aimee Tucknott, 36, met while living separately at Percival Terrace, which provides accommodation for homeless people in Brighton.

They say they have been together for more than a year.

However, after being “kicked out” of the accommodation, they have not been given anywhere to live with each other again.

Because of this, they have been sleeping rough on Brighton beach – reportedly for three weeks.

Nicola said: “We’re inseparable, it’s my first lesbian relationship and my boys have said ‘I’ve not seen you smile like this in a long time’.

“I would not be anywhere without Aimee, that would break her, she would not be able to cope.

“We have a choice between living on the streets or living apart.”

Both Nicola and Aimee have been given places to stay on their own.

The council say the pair originally approached them as individuals and so it has been offering them separate accommodation on that basis.

But the couple, who left Percival Terrace at different times, say they have been asking the council to be paired with each other.

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“We want to go as a couple,” said Nicola.

“We’ve got a lovely girl that comes to see us on the beach and she says she cannot understand why we can’t be put together.”

Aimee added: “We don’t want to be homeless, we just want to be together.”

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “Where couples apply to be accommodated together and we have a legal duty to house them, we house them as couples.

“The two women originally approached us separately for accommodation. On that basis we offered them separate accommodation.

“However, we cannot force people to stay in the accommodation we offer them.

“We are now aware of their wish to be accommodated as a couple. But they have not so far formally applied for this.

“We are currently working with them to try and move things forward.

“Until we have carried out a formal reassessment of their situation and needs we cannot comment further.”

The Argus:

Last week, The Argus reported on woman living in a tent at the Old Steine, who claimed she was running away from council-accommodation in Eastbourne.

In response,the council said it is supporting many people and so it can sometimes “take time” to link people to correct support services.

The woman has since been provided with new accommodation.

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