Queens Park sheep flock had been ‘deliberately released’

A FLOCK of sheep that took over a city park were “deliberately released” – again.

Stunned residents near Queens Park, Brighton, awoke yesterday morning to find the woolly animals in The Quiet Garden.

Brighton and Hove City Council officials believe the flock from Tenantry Down was “deliberately released” and have made a plea for the person behind it to stop.

Queens Park Sheep 29 March

Queens Park Sheep 29 March

“We’re shocked and upset that anyone could have chosen to endanger the safety of the sheep in this way,” a council spokesman said.

A shepherd and his sheep dog were soon on the scene to herd the animals from the park.

Drone footage shows the sheep enjoying the scented garden near the Grade II listed Clock Tower.

Delighted residents looked on as the animals enjoyed the unusually warm March morning before the shepherd and his black border collie herded the sheep into the back of a trailer.

The spokesman said: “Somehow the sheep ended up in Queens Park.

“After discussions with Sussex Police our shepherd and their dog rounded the sheep up into their trailer and moved them to Sheepcote Valley, where we hope they will be left in peace.

“Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. The sheep were moved from Whitehawk Hill to Tenantry Down a couple of weeks ago.

Queens Park Sheep 29 March

Queens Park Sheep 29 March

“We would say to whoever is behind this – please stop it immediately. Moving sheep through the streets to busy urban green spaces with no public signage or access to water is potentially very harmful to the sheep.

“There is also a very real risk to drivers and pedestrians in case of a collision.”

In February, a huge flock were caught on video bundling along the road and pavement in Pelham Rise, Peacehaven.

The animals brought cars to a halt as they swarmed around the double-decker number 14 bus.

Drone footage captured by PIGEO AV Club

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