The World's Oldest Aquarium!
Which sea creatures do you love the most? Colourful clownfish, magical seahorse or captivating jellyfish? Maybe you simply can’t decide! Here at SEA LIFE Brighton you can make up your mind and see them all, over 5,000 of them!

Did you know?
Brighton Aquarium was conceived and designed by Eugenius Birch, the architect responsible for the West Pier. Work began in 1869 and the aquarium opened in 1872 making us the oldest continually operating aquarium in the world!

Visit our beautifully restored Victorian Arcade
Our seawater tanks are fed from a large tank under the building which in turn, is fed from the nearby sea twice a day!
Explore Rockpools and stroke a starfish plus many more hands-on experiences

It’s all part of our mission to inspire a love for the ocean and its creatures – and to encourage people to preserve them for the future..
So prepare to get up close to glittering scales, humongous tentacles and razor-sharp teeth. Explore different habitats, from the sweltering tropics to tidal rock pools. And discover all about our weird and wonderful creatures with fun and interactive learning experiences – Amazing Discovery.
What's your favourite sea creature?
Are you a Shark lover, a Humboldt Penguin fan, or a clownfish fanatic? Perhaps it’s the mysterious seahorse or the clever Common Octopus that you love the most. Here at SEA LIFE you can make up your mind and see them all - from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you’ll be able to get closer to them than ever before.

Every SEA LIFE is unique, and so are its creatures. Here are our Top 8 and there are hundreds more to discover.

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